Who we are

Vote-logoPittwater Forever,  like the old  Peninsula Residents Council (PRC), is an umbrella group formed by the major Community Groups in Pittwater.

It was formed on May 1,  2015 – the 23rd anniversary of Pittwater as a result of a meeting of more than 40 representatives from 12 different Community Groups. We have since grown to represent 19 different Community Groups.

The main Messages arising from this meeting were:

  1. Pittwater Council is fit for the future. It is strong, local and independent. And a bigger council is very likely to:
    • lose our strong democratic, local, community feel
    • have greater financial problems, Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 6.37.05 PMevidence from around the world shows that councils with more than 100,000 residents are weaker financially than those with 40,000. Those with 75,000 residents (roughly the size Pittwater will be in a few more years) are ideal (see graph).
    • our Councillors are independent. They are not influenced by political parties or vested interests. Larger councils can lose this independence.
  2. Pittwater was set-up by the community, for the community. This means it is a true democracy:
    • with the people who love and live in the place having a huge say in what happens in the area
    • this also means that the community has a custodial obligation to ensure the natural beauty of the environment is preserved and enhanced. Not always an easy gig – but one which can be rewarding.
  3. Pittwater council does work, people who have lived here before 1992 know that the larger bureaucracy doesn’t work. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it – especially to something which history shows didn’t work.
  4. That the State Government’s process, driven by scale and capacity outcomes, effectively shuts the residents out of any balanced evaluation process.
A list of Pittwater Community Groups under the umbrella of Pittwater Forever (the list is growing):
  1. Avalon Preservation Association
  2. Avalon Historical Society
  3. Bayview Church Point Residents Association (BVCPRA)
  4. Bayview Ingeleside Residents association
  5. Bayview Life
  6. Bilgola Preservation Society
  7. Clareville & Bilgola Plateau Residents Association (CABPRA)
  8. Careel Bay Pittwater Protection Association Inc (CBPPA Inc)
  9. Church Point Friends
  10. Friends of Currawong
  11. Horseshoe Bay Residents Association
  12. Mona Vale Residents Association
  13. Newport Residents Association (NRA)
  14. Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association (PBWBA)
  15. Pittwater Community Arts
  16. Pittwater Natural Heritage Association
  17. Save Mona Vale Hospital
  18. Warriewood Residents Association
  19. West Pittwater Community Association

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