Bigger Councils cost more – rates will go up

Evidence and research from around the world and in Australia shows that it is the small to medium size councils which are the financially strong councils.

Smaller councils are better

Big councils cost more, not less

In 2003 research into 736 US councils (municipalities) discovered that councils with between 38,000 and 71,000 residents are the most efficient cost-wise. Councils over 274,000 are more expensive to run than even small councils of 9,000.

The conclusion of this study states, “Larger units of government do not cost less, they cost more.”

This evidence is backed up by Pittwater Council’s own experience. When Pittwater split from the mega-Warringah Shire it didn’t take the smaller-Pittwater long to clear up the debts it had inherited. Warringah Council also became more efficient. Proving that smaller is better.

In amalgamated super-council Auckland rates have just gone up by 9.5%. Is this what we want?

save Pittwater ForeverSo when the NSW Government says it should focus on “size and capacity”, maybe it should look at what is financially proven as successful. It should be crying from the roof tops:

Small is beautiful


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