Northern Beaches Council Elections – 9 September 2017

Pittwater Forever has called on community-minded residents in Pittwater from Palm Beach to North Narrabeen to nominate for election to the new mega Northern Beaches Council in the lead up to elections in September.

Chairman Craig Boaden commented that “Pittwater desperately needs good candidates now more than ever, especially since we are facing an avalanche of well-funded candidates from other parts of the northern beaches who are mounting a concerted effort to take over the new Council.”

He went on to say, ”Pittwater Forever has developed a strong reputation fighting forced council amalgamations, and our non-political stance and reputation is highly regarded by the community. We will invite candidates to respond to questions on their suitability to represent Pittwater residents.”

There are eight major criteria to which candidates will be invited to respond:

  1. Whilst candidates may be members of a political party they are not endorsed by nor do they represent those parties;
  2. They do not support or endorse matters in Council on political or party grounds;
  3. They support and will vote in Council along the principles of PFE and the Pittwater

    community and are truly independent;

  4. They represent the whole of the Pittwater community which endorsed them for Council;
  5. They are ratepayers or residents of Pittwater;
  6. They are not beholden to or funded by any developer interests;
  7. They understand and support Pittwater’s desired character as stated in the Pittwater Planning Document of May 2016; and
  8. They support the eventual restoration of Pittwater Council on its pre-amalgamation boundaries.

Candidates’ responses will be made public before the election, and Pittwater Forever will provide candidates who respond appropriately to the questions with “in kind” (ie non cash) assistance.

Pittwater Forever will also hold public information sessions prior to the election so that all candidates can address residents on issues of concern.

Potential candidates should make contact with their local community association. They can find more information about the nomination process at


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