Website for fake North Shore Council “appalling” says Ku-ring-gai mayor

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.06.28 PMA fake website for a non-existent North Shore Council ( is reminiscent of the tactics Warringah Council got up to with its website “One Northern Beaches” when residents across the northern beaches were fighting against the forced merger into a mega Northern Beaches Council.

The North Shore Council domain,, was registered by Hornsby Shire Council last year, shortly after the NSW government announced in May their intention to amalgamate Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai councils.

“This action by Hornsby council is another appalling example of the arrogance with which they have approached the merger issue all along,” Ku-ring-gai mayor Jennifer Anderson told the SMH in an article today (March 7 2017).

“To make this website live shows a level of disdain for Ku-ring-gai and does not bode well for any future merger.”

“North Shore Council does not exist.

“But for almost a year, a website for the fake council had been informing residents of Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai their local councils had been abolished and replaced with the new super council.

“In a bizarre twist, the fake council – North Shore Council – was cooked up by the communications department of Hornsby Shire council, and unleashed upon the internet even though no such merger had yet taken place between the two councils.

“By Monday morning, the website had been taken down, leaving Hornsby Shire council red-faced and claiming it was unaware the site was live until it received media inquiries that morning,” the SMH’s Lisa Visentin explains in the article.

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One thought on “Website for fake North Shore Council “appalling” says Ku-ring-gai mayor

  1. Margaret Makin says:

    Considering the turmoil and anger Michael Reagan stirred up amongst residents in his area of Frenchs Forest and Belrose against Pittwater residents standing up for ourselves, those residents are now finding out the MR is not doing much to protect the high school, the swimming facility or the ambience of ‘his’ area. M.Makin

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