MP David Shoebridge drafting bill to stop forced council amalgamations

From the Mosman Daily

david-shoebridge-bill-fbTHE  Greens will attempt to end forced council amalgamations with a Bill in NSW Parliament.

Upper House MP David Shoebridge will introduce the Bill in the current sitting session.

“The Greens have a proposed parliamentary package that is simple, democratic and will fix this mess,” he said.

“We are proposing the immediate termination of all outstanding forced amalgamation proposals, the immediate reversal of existing forced amalgamations and a legislative requirement to ensure that any future amalgamations proposals are subject to a binding plebiscite.

“No party other than the Coalition has supported forced council amalgamations.

“We continue to work with all other parties and are aiming to present this as a co-sponsored bill which we can unite around.

“We are hoping that all parties outside of the Coalition can support this.

“If this bill doesn’t pass Parliament in 2017, then it certainly will after the next state election in 2019.”

There are 20 Coalition and 22 Labor/crossbench MPs in the Upper House.

A majority of 21 votes is needed. The president has the casting vote if votes are tied.

Socontact your local MP, Rob Stokes, contact the crossbench and contact the Local Government Minister, Gabrielle Upton. Make sure they know this is an issue that local communities won’t give up on.”


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