One of Mike Baird’s most unpopular & unfair decisions was the forced undemocratic amalgamation of NSW councils.

Sign the Petition now by clicking herescreen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-26-13-am – then forward to friends and family.

We did not elect the Liberal party on a platform or policy of amalgamating our councils nor did we have any say in the matter. Now we have a new Premier & we call on Gladys  Berejiklian to reverse this policy & let the people of NSW decide.
  • OPTION ONE -Call on all the previous mayors & council members to meet & make a decision based on their knowledge  of what is best for & the desire of their constituents  & decide if they they wish to go it alone or amalgamate.
  • OPTION TWO-  Put it to a referendum or plebiscite so that we the people of NSW can decide this important matter that affects us all as individuals.

Let democracy reign not dictatorship!

To sign:


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