Now our Public Transport is up for sale


Privatisation of our Buses will see the end of the L90 to Palm Beach

We should be very concerned over what the State Government is doing with our public transport here in Pittwater.

See this latest very concerning article in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Large companies are lining up to win Sydney’s most lucrative bus contracts as expectations grow that the Baird government will open to tender services that have been run for decades by the State Transit Authority.

While Keolis Downer and Transit Systems are eager to bid, any decision to allow them and other private operators to compete for contracts now held by the government-owned STA is likely to meet stiff opposition from unions.

They fear it will lead to cuts to drivers’ wages and conditions, as well as bus routes deemed unprofitable.

The contract to operate a new bus corridor known as the “B-Line” from Sydney’s CBD to the lower north shore and northern beaches from next year is also expected to be opened up to private companies.

Read more:

Contact our local State MP, Rob Stokes:


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