Mona Vale plans fails on young family’s needs

The Mona Vale Place Plan fails to cater for what our residents’ needs or wants, especially in the area of affordable housing.

Yet many ideas mentioned in the comments coming out of the Mona Vale Placemaking Workshops DO provide housing solutions ideas for this young family (see video). However, disappointingly, they have not been investigated in the Draft Mona Vale Plan.

And sadly, as you see in the video, Dick Persson the Northern Beaches Administrator just dismisses this young family’s problems to the too-hard basket.

We need to ensure the Northern Beaches Council:

  1. Does proper surveys and research looking at exactly what low, middle and the 25-35 age group want in housing.
  2. Look at other alternatives to six-storey apartments to provide the right affordable housing solutions for our area. Solutions which we need and want, many which were mentioned in the Placemaking Workshops, such as
    • Designing housing as we have done for the over 55s but make it available for all age groups. A two bedroom apartment at SEPP 55 Complex  (for example) well designed, surrounded by green space, parking for one car, its own private courtyard and shared amenities such as a pool, a community centre, even a restaurant, is priced in the mid-$700,000 range. There are also cheaper one-bedroom and studio options. If we can do this for over 55s why can’t this be done for all age groups?
    • Look at building and encouraging tiny houses in Pittwater – maybe tiny is the answer
    • Taking inspiration from 19th century terraced housing, such as has been done with 88 Angel – which is eco-designed and has flexible ideas such as the garage can be used as a bedroom if there is no need for parking
    • Eco affordable housing design such as Village Homes in Davis, California and Seabrook
    • Or even go with more creative designs such as creative small houses, Verde 25 and the Edible House

2 thoughts on “Mona Vale plans fails on young family’s needs

  1. Peter says:

    Federal, State and local governments have failed new local entrants to the property market in our capital cities, especially Sydney and Melbourne. They have boosted demand to unprecedented levels via continuing excessive immigration levels, encouragement of foreign property investors, and tax breaks for local property investors (negative gearing, capital gains discounts). Govt. solutions at all levels is to increase supply while doing nothing to address demand for housing stock. Hence young families and singles have great difficulty in purchasing a home of their own in the area where they grew up (e.g. Northern Beaches).


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