Storm brewing over the Mona Vale Place Plan

The Pittwater community are angry and dismayed over the Mona Vale Place Plan. After working intensely for a year or so on workshops aimed at developing Mona Vale as a Place everyone would like to visit, via Placemaking techniques, the community has been presented a plan from the new Northern Beaches Council which;

  1. does not live up to Pittwater Council’s aims
  2. does not represent the feedback gained from the workshops


The main reason people are angry about the MV Place Plan:

  • it allows six-storey buildings in a small village, where Pittwater Council always said the aim was to retain a village feel in Mona Vale by keeping to three or four storeys
  • we were told at workshops the Mona Vale Plan was all about Placemaking – creating a place through art, events and pedestrianising our village – it was not about adding or allowing more buildings and structures (please note the word Placemaking has been strategically removed from the Mona Vale Place Plan) .
  • Pittwater Council’s and all the workshops’ aims were to take as many cars as possible out of Mona Vale. The plan has failed dismally on this by building a carpark right in the centre of Mona Vale – the worst place for a carpark, bringing all the cars and congestion into Mona Vale village (many more than there are now!!)
  • our green spaces will be encroached on; with the B-Line bus stop in Village Park, new council buildings further taking away green spaces, and many trees being removed. NONE of this was ever discussed at the Placemaking workshops!

This plan would be thrown out by our old Pittwater Council Councillors because of this. Many of our ex-Councillors (who were sacked by the NSW Baird Government when the councils were forced to amalgamate) have been very vocal on the failings of this Mona Vale Place Plan on social and other forms of media.

This is an extract from Pittwater Online News:

“This is a total sell-out of all Pittwater Values.” sacked former Pittwater Councillor Bob Grace said this week. “This is the reason we seceded in the first place.” …

As the State Government appointed Administrator has the functions of the council and Mayor, which means they hold the powers of these offices in council decision making and are able to step into any of the existing functions of these offices, and no one here gets to vote for an elected Councillor to represent them until September 2017, the community’s fears and outrage may be warranted.

Most of the comments re-echo the anger expressed in Pittwater at being forcibly amalgamated with Warringah which many fought to become independent of based on such developments just over a few decades ago. The ill will has renewed calls to commence a new de-merger and could start a new secession movement.

A petition has been started by a brand new Facebook Group, Save Mona Vale.

The Administration council is inviting residents to comment on the Draft Mona Vale Place Plan and is holding a Public Meeting as well. Details run below.


Draft Mona Vale Place Plan

Exhibition Period Wednesday 28 September to Sunday 13 November 2016
Should you wish to comment, please email, post or fax your submission to Council. Submissions should be in writing and received by 5pm Sunday 13 November 2016. 
Submissions should be marked “Draft Mona Vale Place Plan”
• Mail – Northern Beaches Council, PO Box 882, Mona Vale, NSW 1660
• Fax – (02) 9970 1200
Document Links
Come to an information stall at Mona Vale Library Laneway:
  • Saturday 29 October, 10am-2pm
  • Sunday 6 November, 10am-4pm (Mona Vale Market Day)
Community Meeting at Mona Vale Memorial Hall  * Please Note Change of Date & Time*
Saturday 29 October, 4-6pm – to register to speak at the meeting please email Evy Anwar on

7 thoughts on “Storm brewing over the Mona Vale Place Plan

  1. Lynne Czinner says:


    The Business community had a briefing on the Place Plan recently.

    A friends son, who is actually against high rise, was converted.

    Such is the power of the spin doctors and peer pressure.

    I can’t make the petition come up, but will try again tomorrow.

    Pittwater’s vision is still on the internet

    “To be a vibrant sustainable community of connected VILLAGES inspired by bush, beach and water” Just watch the Tour de France to see an example of Pittwater’s vision–a string of villages with almost no buildings over 4 storeys above ground level, mostly 3 storeys.




    • Communications editor says:

      Thanks for that. Large councils don’t work. It has been about six months since we became a mega council. The people of Pittwater have lost their voice totally. Big business and developers are in control via our NSW State Government. We have no say it trying to keep our beautiful places beautiful. All our worst fears are NOW a reality.

      Liked by 1 person

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