Pittwater Community Arts say No to a ONB Mega Council

Lorrie Morgan, President of Pittwater Community Arts (PCA), speech from Monday March 21.

“As a resident of Pittwater I do NOT WANT A MEGA COUNCIL.

I am also speaking on behalf of my family and 89% of residents that voted against a MEGA COUNCIL.

Since Pittwater seceded from Warringah in 1992 we have had the very good fortune to have a wonderful council that has worked tirelessly to improve our parks, paths, beaches, sporting areas, walkways , waterfronts etc. that were neglected when we were part of Warringah.

In Pittwater we have so many volunteer groups eg….lifesavers and surf clubs, bush fire fighters, Marine rescue, sand dune and plant regeneration, Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary,  Palliative Care Auxiliary, saving Currawong, and PCA.…..just to mention a few.  Pittwater is a very cohesive involved community

As President of Pittwater Community Arts Inc. with a membership of approx.. 200 members.  In a volunteer capacity with a very dedicated committee we have addressed many cultural and artistic events in Pittwater for thirteen years with Pittwater Councils help when needed and I have great admiration for their dedication and hard work to help promote the Arts in Pittwater.

SAMSUNGFour years ago with the help of the then Mayor Harvey Rose, PCA promoted a competition in Pittwater for adults and children to enter a poem referring to Pittwater and from the many entries received this book called “Heart Song” an Anthology of Pittwater Poetry is the result….you need look no further to be assured of the passion Pittwater residents and Council have for this area we live in, work in, and love … called Pittwater.



(Lorrie handed the poetry book to Mr. Pearson which he accepted.)

Thank you”

The aim of Pittwater Community Arts (PCA) is to enhance, embrace and extend the arts and cultural life of the Pittwater area. The concept of an umbrella organisation that searches for the true vision of the cultural essence of Pittwater is our ultimate goal.

Pittwater Community Arts:

  • collaborates with Pittwater Council with the Calendar of Art and is currently developing the Cultural Plan for Pittwater
  • supports the bi-annual Pittwater Artfest, celebrating youth art
  • has begun to develop a database for artists and cultural groups to support networks in Pittwater and beyond
  • holds successful showcases of Pittwater artists
  • celebrates National Trust Heritage Festival
  • launched Pittwater Artists Trail 2011 and
  • continues to respond to the directions identified by the artists of Pittwater

Say No to One Northern Beaches mega council NOW: https://www.councilboundaryreview.nsw.gov.au/proposals/manly-pittwater-and-warringah-councils/


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