Keep Pittwater Independent and Beautiful! Pittwater Forever!

What’s going on

Save-Pittwater-eventOn 21st October,  IPART found Pittwater Council (along with many other councils) ‘unfit’ on the basis of scale and capacity, and is recommending one large council on the Northern Beaches amalgamating Pittwater, Manly and Warringah, with a population of 250,000 people (see the full report here). However, what is meant by ‘scale and capacity’ was never defined.

As Pittwater Forever chairman, Tony Tenny puts it the whole process is a “sham”.

love-at-risk“Pittwater Council is strong, independent and focuses on local issues of importance to residents. A bigger council will diminish our councillor representation, our community spirit and the voice of the Pittwater community,” he says. “All the things which make our Pittwater Council fit.”

“The IPART report ignores all these factors only focusing on a fabricated “scale and capacity” test. A test which has no substance or evidence base, and one which only benefits property developers, political parties and big businesses,” he adds.

“We are financially fit and will be “fit for the future” on our present boundaries, formed only 23 years ago. A huge 90% of our residents want Pittwater Council to stay as is with its present boundaries. A bigger 91% of our residents are satisfied with Pittwater Council services,” Tenney explains.

90% of residents have voted for an independent council – this figure was NOT quoted in the IPART report.  The local members of parliament have responsibility to represent the views of their community. Where are they? This is a democracy and the voice of the people must be heard.

What you can do

Attend events: any announced community events will be advertised on our twitter and  facebook pages .

  • Come to our table at Palm Beach Market, this Sunday 25th October (today, NOW), and talk to us.
  • Come to form a human “NO” to amalgamation for an aerial shot organised by Pittwater Council at Winnererremy Bay, Mona Vale (near Flying Fox Park) this Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 5PM sharp.
    Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 10.35.37 AM

Email our local State MP: keep the pressure on by emailing your ADAMANT support for maintaining an independent Pittwater Council, and encourage your friends to do so – a flood of emails WILL make a difference. Email Rob Stokes at

Share this page: copy this link into your social channels or use the buttons below to let your Pittwater friends learn about and join the fight.

What we’re doing

Our recently formed ‘Pittwater Forever’ Group (an umbrella group of 18 community organisations opposed to amalgamation – all equally passionate about Pittwater’s independence) have presented and continue to present a very strong case to save Pittwater. We are readying an intense lobbying campaign to prevent amalgamation.

The communications committee of Pittwater Forever met this week to develop strategies including social media, banners events and more. We will meet with Robert Stokes, our state MP, this next week.

What Pittwater Council is doing

Pittwater Council met on Monday night and a proposed motion that the council again declare its preference for NO boundary changes was passed unanimously. The Council is resolved to execute a program of public demonstration against amalgamation, collaborating with local communities.

The Council has 30 days to respond to the IPART report, and will be preparing their submission to go to council on Monday 16th November, and submitted to the NSW Government by 18th November, again in consultation with communities.

The council remains committed to independence and local representation of the people of Pittwater. We will support the Council in any way we can. Council is also organising for all community protesters to gather to form a human “NO” for an aerial shot – please come & support! details above.

We thank you for your continued support and will fight on.


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