Amalgamations will kill the spirit, the community which makes Pittwater “fit”

Pittwater Forever slams IPART’s “Fit for the Future” report as nothing but a political sham by the Baird Government to take away our local say, our independent councillors and our community spirit from the Pittwater people.

“Pittwater Council is strong, independent and focuses on local issues of importance to residents. A bigger council will diminish our councillor representation, our community spirit and the voice of the Pittwater community,” says Tony Tenney, Pittwater Forever chairman. “All the things which make our Pittwater Council fit.”

“The IPART report ignores all these factors only focusing on a fabricated “scale and capacity” test. A test which has no substance or evidence base, and one which only benefits property developers, political parties and big businesses,” he adds.

“We are financially fit and will be “fit for the future” on our present boundaries, formed only 23 years ago. A huge 89% of our residents want Pittwater Council to stay as is with its present boundaries. A bigger 91% of our residents are satisfied with Pittwater Council services,” Tenney explains.

“We call on Pittwater Member of State Parliament, Rob Stokes to work VISIBLY with your local community NOW to give them what they want – an Independent and Sustainable Pittwater Council,” he concludes.


One thought on “Amalgamations will kill the spirit, the community which makes Pittwater “fit”

  1. Robert Dunn says:

    Cogratulations-Pittwater Forever and Tony Tenney for your eloquent comments in rebuttal of the Baird governments bulldozing approach to local government aspirations in favour of large scale business operations that allegedly are in the public interest.

    However, the government’s arguments for massive fewer councils is somewhat undermined by the most up-to-date examples of large corporate local government in action.

    Firstly we have the the Auckland New Zealand example, which has been carted out by both the NSW Government and the Warringah General Manager former Kiwi Mr. Rick Hart , to support their big is better large scale amalgamation argument.

    I don’t know whether Mr Hart has recently kept in touch with his former mega city, but I am told on good authority that it is now staggering under a massive $1billion debt or infrastructure cost; that its latest major public works venture the north-western freeway has sunk literally, for want of proper planning and to cap it all, most recently, following a major storm event the affected areas were left to clean up the mess themselves because their Council no longer had the resources to assist.

    On the home front, we are left with the example of the city of Brisbane, another mega city being faced with a lesser flood in 2011 than in 1974, requiring to be subsidised by the whole of Australia to pick up its damages bill because of poor infrastructure planning and intensification of development which it had allowed to occur in potentially flood prone areas.

    So big is definitely not better nor cheaper or financially guaranteed as this rather immature and inexperienced state government may also learn to its and unfortunately also our collective detriment.

    Robert Dunn


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