Pittwater’s future bright but rumours unconfirmed

Pittwater Council’s media release

Friday 16 October

Various media reports today speculate that Pittwater Council will escape local government amalgamations but the State Government is yet to confirm this is indeed the case.

IPART’s deadline to deliver its recommendation to State Government is today, but already there are alleged ‘leaks’ suggesting Pittwater will remain as is and Manly and Warringah will merge to form a mega council.

It’s no secret that Pittwater’s community remains firmly opposed to forced mergers and wants Pittwater Council to stay independent, strong and local, but Deputy Mayor Kylie Ferguson says it’s too early to start celebrating.

“Like all affected councils, we’re awaiting State Government decision,” Cr Ferguson said.

“If true, this decision reflects our strong submission to IPART and the strength of our council – acknowledged earlier this week with us receiving a special commendation award at the local government 2015 A R Bluett Memorial Awards,’ Cr Ferguson added.

Results from independent research and Pittwater Council’s community engagement have consistently demonstrated overwhelming support for the status quo.

“It’s not just a majority of our residents – it’s all but 11 percent – support Pittwater standing alone.

“Pittwater’s independence remains front and centre in our community, so standing alone just makes sense for us,” she added.

To stay informed, please visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/reform


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