Pittwater Council agrees to sign to support SOCC

Pittwater Council has signed up to support Save our Council Coalition (SOCC).

The motion was Pittwater Council supports the aims of the Save Our Councils Coalition:

  1. to keep local councils local;
  2. to ensure the NSW State Government keeps its promise of “No Forced Amalgamations”;
  3. where a merger is proposed, a valid referendum be held of all electors in each affected local government area.

That a letter of support from the Council be sent to SOCC, signed by the General Manager and available councillors.

The motion was amended to delete the third policy point, not because councillors were not supportive of it, but they thought they couldn’t/shouldn’t move a motion binding other councils.

The council is also strongly supportive of LGA NSW:

That Pittwater Council support and promote the Our Council, Our Voice, Our Choice campaign by Local Government NSW and that it utilises the resources that they have developed to promote and support our position of No Forced Amalgamations within the community.

This is from a post on Save our Councils NSW Facebook page

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