Pittwater turn out in force – asking for Rob Stokes’ support not to amalgamate our council

Thank you all who made the effort to join with Save our Councils Coalition (SOCC) and rally outside Rob Stoke’s office yesterday afternoon.

People from Palm Beach to Hunters Hill, Mosman, North Sydney and from Scotland Island — even Warringah– were there.

It was great turn out at short notice and demonstrates how unpopular the threat by the Premier of forcing Council amalgamations really is,  particularly among those who are longer term residents in Pittwater, and indeed in any of the smaller Council areas,  who have experienced, first hand, the advantages of having a small Council and the ability that gives residents to participate in local decision making.

We delivered the SOCC pledge to Rob’s office and hope he will be the first Liberal MP and important member of Cabinet who has the courage of his convictions, and will sign it.

The pledge reiterates to our local Members of Parliament what the community which voted for them reasonably expects of them.

That is that they:

  • Respect their local communities and that community’s right to have and participate in a local council
  • Ensure amalgamation of local councils only proceed where the community of each local council area, via a valid referendum, has voted by majority in favour of the proposed amalgamation
  • Not vote for any legislation and not supporting government action to force any existing council to amalgamate with another council.

Simple, that’s democracy !

Lynne Czinner
for SOCC


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