What will happen to NSW Local Councils if Baird gets his way?

Exactly what happened in Victoria. Just have to look at history:

The result of Forced Local council amalgamations in Victoria on local councilsFFTF_logo_square-300x300

  • Democracy went out the window
  • All elected councillors were dismissed and replaced by commissioners chosen and appointed by cabinet
  • Local assets like community centres, public buildings, parks and green spaces were sold off
  • Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows almost no money was saved in the process.
  • The reforms also impacted on the equality of political representation: The Stegley Foundation (1998) reported that the reform reduced the number of women councillors from 453 prior to amalgamations to 129 by 1997.
  • The potential of democratic governance was further reduced by halving the number of councillors and substantially increasing the size of wards, thus forcing elected representatives to spread themselves more thinly.
  • When Premier Jeff Kennett sacked councils across Victoria nearly 11,000 people lost their jobs
  • Local councils became a franchise operation to serve state government customers
  • The Kennett Government’s economic liberal reform, in summary, had a dramatic and negative impact on the status of ‘citizenship’ and on political rights and obligations at the local government level.

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