Baird Gov FftF process a political suicide mission?

FFTF_logo_square-300x300Have the NSW Liberals, the NSW government gone stark, raving mad? Are they on a political suicide mission?

Knowing that forced council amalgamations are political suicide the NSW Government thought it would take another tack with its Fit for the Future (FftF) process by trying to convince councils and the people that amalgamations would make councils fitter.

The problem is it came up with not one shred of evidence to support this.

So understandably the people with a landslide of 82% said a huge NO to council mergers. Also Councils, via the FftF process have said no thank you to amalgamations.

If the NSW Government now sack councils and forces amalgamations (as reported in the Daily Telegraph, Aug 16) with all this information and the existing backlash it would be the most stupid political move in Australia’s history.

So we, Pittwater Forever, say to the NSW Government stop the process of amalgamations NOW, you have a very small window of opportunity before the Baird government name is trashed.

Don’t underestimate the force and backlash there will be against your government if you force council mergers now, especially having the data and evidence in your hot hands, that it is not wanted.

The people have said no, the councils have said no – listen. Become heroes. Show that your are a democratic government which listens to the people.

If you force amalgamations now you will crash and burn far worse than the Kennett Government in Victoria. Plummet from grace quicker than the Bligh Government in Queensland.

Why harder, why quicker, why worse? Because you have asked the people, the councils – you have their response; the people and local councils don’t want it. To go against this would be crazy.

Act now:

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