Champagne flows after Pittwater’s NO merger vote at an extraordinary GM

In a show of strength, unity and what truly makes a council fit for the future, Pittwater Councillors last night unanimously voted to put a submission to IPART that Pittwater will stand alone, “Fit For The Future”, with no boundary changes, NO merger and no alternative business case.

While other councils are imploding under the State Government’s “Fit for the Future” processes, Pittwater Council has passed the first hurdle by showing strength, unity and the real mark of fitness – listening and responding to the majority voice, said Pittwater Forever spokesperson Ian Kennedy.

Pittwater Forever is an umbrella organisation made up of 18 key Pittwater community groups.

“Fitness is about so much more than just financial strength. It is about successfully engaging the local voice and then listening to it. This happens easier with Pittwater because we are a smaller council,” Mr Kennedy explained.

“Our mood is one of joy and celebration. By showing strength in unity we feel we have passed the first test put to us by the “Fit for the Future” process,” he added.

Pittwater Mayor, Jacqui Townsend said in her congratulatory speech she would actually like to thank the State Government as the process has ended up making the bond between council and community even stronger.

This was followed by Councillors and community leaders one after the other standing up to thank Councillors, council workers and the Pittwater community for all their hard work and passion.

Truly worthy of a reason to celebrate.


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