The strength of SHOROC

One of the ways Pittwater, Manly, Mosman and Warringah councils gains economy of scale and strength is via SHOROC, or the Shore Regional Organisation of Councils.

Last financial year collaboration via SHOROC gained our region $644M in funding for public transport and roads, including $233 million for public transport and $411 million on roads. It also secured $129M for health services. Plus SHOROC won the PIA’s President’s Award for excellence in planning.

SHOROC wins 2014

SHOROC is a partnership of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater & Warringah councils led by a Board of the councils’ Mayors and General Managers. There is no extra layer of bureaucracy. Its board is made up of existing councillors and general managers of the region.


Q: What is SHOROC?

A: SHOROC, or the Shore Regional Organisation of Councils, is a partnership between Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah councils. It is an Incorporated Association set up by the councils and overseen by a Board consisting of the Mayors and General Managers of each of the four partner councils.

Q: What is the role of SHOROC?

A: SHOROC’s role is focussed on collaboration and coordination between the four councils to get better outcomes for the councils, the community and the region. Its key goals are to make our region stronger and our councils stronger.

It works together to deliver regional outcomes such as securing investment in public transport, hospitals and roads and on collaborative projects to improve our region’s natural environment and way of life.

A key part of its role is to support councils’ independence by working together to enable councils to cut costs and to improve efficiency and productivity.

SHOROC is not a regional decision-making body on issues such as development, rather it is focussed on collaboration and strategy with any development decisions to be made by individual councils or the NSW Government as appropriate under legislation.

Q: What are some examples of SHOROC’s work?

A: Examples of SHOROC’s work include:

  • supporting the formation of Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises to sustainably manage the region’s waste
  • development of the Shaping Our Future strategy and coordination of a Mayor-led advocacy campaign to advocate with a united voice for NSW and Commonwealth government investment in health and transport infrastructure for the region
  • Delivery of a council cost saving and efficiency program including strategic approaches to regional and joint tendering and collaborative cost saving and efficiency projects
  • Regional strategies, reports and studies on issues such as sustainability, employment, transport and land use, and the State of the Environment
  • Joint campaigns such as one on the banning of e-waste from landfill

Check out SHOROC’s latest work.


2 thoughts on “The strength of SHOROC

  1. Tony Tenney says:

    SHOROC has many runs on the board. It achieves much for councils and is a demonstrated money saver. Why would any council want to leave or muzzle it?

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