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Council amalgamation plans prompt a frenzy of consultation

Fit for the Future process unfairThe Lord Mayor, Clover Moore has branded the methodology for assessing whether councils are “fit for the future” as unfair, saying it is largely based on an unsubstantiated assumption that ‘bigger is better’ as councils weigh whether to tough it out with the NSW government and resist amalgamations.

In a written submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, Cr Moore points out her council is the only one in Sydney that was rated by T-Corp as financially strong with a positive outlook.

She also warns that plans for large scale amalgamations would lead to massive disruption in council operations.

“The City was forcibly amalgamated by the State Government in 2004. As detailed in our submissions to the ILGRP, the process was enormously disruptive and it took significant time and resources to align policies and systems. As we have restated in several submissions on the State Governments reform process, priority needs to be given to the issues of financial capacity, collaboration and coordination, and governance.”

Cr Moore concludes that the process proposed by IPART is “not transparent, accountable or equitable” because Councils will not know how they have been rated and will have no right of reply.”

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May 20, 2015 SMH
Anne Davies


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