Pittwater Forever video

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This little video “Pittwater Forever” has created quite a stir. Responses have been either I didn’t realise Pittwater is beautiful because we have a medium-sized council”  to “we have done so much more then just this – because of our smaller size”. Click here to see some more of what Pittwater has achieved in 23 years (no doubt you will think of more).

If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a few minutes to watch it. AND please share it!

Why is it we could only do this because we are made up of 63,338 residents?

Our medium size means we are financially strong, we are independent and we focus on local issues and needs.

Small to medium Size = Financial Strength

Evidence and research from around the world and in Australia shows that it is the small to medium size councils which are the financially strong councils.

Smaller councils are better

Big councils cost more, not less

In 2003 research into 736 US councils (municipalities) discovered that councils with between 38,000 and 71,000 residents are the most efficient cost-wise. Councils over 274,000 are more expensive to run than even small councils of 9,000.

The conclusion of this study states, “Larger units of government do not cost less, they cost more.”

This evidence is backed up by Pittwater Councils own experience. When Pittwaterl split from the mega-WarringahShire it didn’t take the smaller-Pittwater long to clear up the debts it had inherited. Warringah Council also became more efficient.

In amalgamated super-council Auckland rates have just gone up by 9.5%. Is this what we want?

We also have SHOROC to capitalise on any economies of scale in the region.

Pittwater Council is INDEPENDENT
  • Councillors are not affiliated to political parties or obvious developer or other vested interests.
  • Development is based on a network of town and village centres – NOT High Rise.
Pittwater Council is LOCAL
  • It connects well with its community and is very reactive to LOCAL issues.
  • It understands these local issues and comes up with tailored solutions.
  • It has important specific issues e.g. Historical infrastructure backlog, poor public transport and the future of Mona Vale Hospital.
  • Councillor representation is very good. Approximately 6,900 residents per councillor
  • Pittwater has 25% of the Sydney Coastline, nine ocean beaches, and large parts of the Ku-
    Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Since secession it has added 140 hectares of environmentally significant open space.
  • Would you hand over custodianship of our pristine and precious environment and our way of life to anyone other than Pittwater Council?

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