Professor Brian Dollery | 2GB podcast

University of New England’s Professor Brian Dollery

Click this link for the Professor Brian Dollery | 2GB podcast.

Key points in the podcast include:

  • No evidence of lower costs, or more efficiencies or financial viability from amalgamation – no relationship between size and financial viability
  • Dollery mentions the ridiculous story that to save the village it is necessary to destroy the village.
  • Bigger government is not necessarily better – lots of evidence from around the world.
  • The minister Paul Toole has not released any materials that support the case for amalgamation – no cost benefit analysis provided.
  • Why weren’t the amalgamations that were conducted in 2004 examined to see what effects they had. It is amazing that these amalgamations were not examined.
  • Alan refers to platitudes being used to justify amalgamation such as amalgamations are necessary for ‘ Sydney to become a global city’, and then makes the point that London (LGA is made up of 32 boroughs)  and LA (15 councils) have multiple councils.
  • At the end of the interview Jones mentions that Pittwater was de-amalgamated in the 1990s and now the proposal is to amalgamate Warringah and Manly with Pittwater against the wishes of the people.
  • Dollery looked at a model of what would happen in a merger of these three councils and there was no change – no benefits.
  • Merging councils is expensive – cost in Qld was around $8M for each merger.  Rate payers will be the people covering the costs

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