Hi from Pittwater Forever

This website, Pittwater Forever is set up by the community groups of Pittwater, for the people of Pittwater.

The single most urgent issue threatening the environment and beauty of our Pittwater is the New South Wales Government’s proposed amalgamation of Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Councils into one new Northern Beaches Council. If this goes ahead, Pittwater will lose its independence and the Peninsular will rapidly deteriorate.

In a recent survey conducted for Warringah Council, 80% of Pittwater residents disagreed or were unsure if a “northern beaches council would deliver better services” and 65% agreed that “the new council would not reflect the unique character of their area”.

In Queensland and Victoria, compulsory amalgamations have resulted in some councils with unique features returning to their original boundaries. In Noosa, for example, 82% of leafy Noosa residents voted to return to the old council rather than be absorbed in ugly high rise Maroochydore.

So take a stand – you CAN make a difference and save Pittwater Council. But act NOW – time is running out.

The status quo will ensure:

  • Maintenance and independence of the Peninsula
  • Superior community engagement
  • Protection of our unique natural environment
  • Rates to be spent in Pittwater not Manly or Warringah

How to take action:

Have your say:

  • Click on the image or here to have your say.

Like us on facebook:

  • Click here to like us on facebookfacebook+logo

Email Pittwater Council and the NSW government

  • Email Mark J Ferguson mjferguson@pittwater.nsw.gov.au or write to the General Manager, Pittwater Council, PO box 882, Mona Vale. NSW. 1660 to express your concerns
  • Email our local state member, Rob Stokes, at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au to say that you oppose amalgamation

Pittwater was set up on May 1, 1992 by the Pittwater Community, for the community. It is the only council in NSW to have done this within 100 years. A true democracy.

Something to be proud of.


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